Jewish Curriculum

Judaic and General Studies curriculum are equally important as one affects the other.

We are following N.Y.S. Common Core Math and Science Curriculum; social studies we offer hands-on experiences, as we teach children audibly, visually, and kinesthetically. Parsha and Jewish Holidays are taught through story, art, and role play. Learning to read English and Hebrew opens up an entire world to children. We teach through many different mediums. We believe that a warm heart and smile are the way to greet children.
Tefilah: Davening is limited before the students can read. We teach our students to read words accurately, rather than relying on memorization. As we introduce Teffilos we will be focusing on the meaning of each Teffilah.

Kriah: The main focus is Hebrew reading. The goal is for every child to be able to read from the siddur fluently. We will be spending a significant amount of time each day reaching this goal. The class is split up into groups depending on their Hebrew reading level.

Ktiva: Students will be learning how to write in Hebrew script. It is vital for the students to be writing each letter properly.

Parshat Hashevuah: Students will study the general content of the Weekly Parsha. In addition, we help to develop the students ability to participate in the parsha discussion around.

Teffilah: As the year progresses, we will be increasing the Teffilos. Now that the students have the skill of reading Hebrew, we will focus on reading each word accurately.

Chumash: Students study Chumash every day. Students will begin with Parsha Berashis. Our aim is to build the following skills:

-Ability to identify Shorashim, prefixes, and suffixes
-Understand and appreciate the values and relevance of Chumash in our lives today

Parsha: Students will study the general content of the Parsha weekly. In addition, we will encourage on the students being able to share a Dvar Torah at the Shabbos Table.

Our Goal in the third grade is to continue to build upon the skills that the children have attained.

Tefilah: We will continue to expand their prayer with gaining fluency of the entire Shemonah Esreh, Shema, and select parts of Pesukei D’zimra.

Chumash: The students vocabulary, as well as their knowledge of the construction of Biblical Hebrew, namely prefixes, suffixes, and linguistic tenses. The student is also introduced to the Rashi style of Hebrew script, preparing the student for the learning of the Rashi commentary.

Dinim: We start to learn the first 4 Perakim of the Kitzur Shulachan Aruch, mainly dealing with the morning routine.

Jewish History: The students will explore Jewish holidays, prophets, and more about their culture.

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