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Tennis Class Description – Activities

The goal for our coaches is to keep their youngsters engaged, motivated and most of all having fun! Our Quickstart tennis format is the fastest way to master the game of tennis for kids. Kids play with smaller racquets, smaller nets, and softer tennis balls for easy and fast learning. Kids will gain confidence by seeing immediate progress to make learning the sport of tennis FUN!!

The class is divided into two sections; Racquet and Coordination Skills, and Ball Hitting Skills. Both sections are designed and set age appropriately.

Racquet & Coordination Skills

Racquet skills are a great learning tool for kids as boys and girls will start with fairly basic skills and then progress to advanced skills that require advanced control off a player’s racquet. Students will learn the fundamentals of how to properly hold the racquet, move the ball forward and backward through obstacles, racquet skill relay races, footwork coordination skills with our training ladder, footwork games, proper throwing and catching skills, muscle memory advancement, and last but not least, FUN!!

Ball Hitting Skills

Students will learn the fundamentals of how to properly hit the ball with proper forehand and backhand instruction, tennis strokes, movement and motor skills, proper volley instruction, ball hitting games and drills, target training, and hand eye coordination drills. In the end, each student will gain self-confidence and self esteem and will be able to socially interact with others in a fun filled, non-competitive environment.

Chess for Children at BHJA

The students will learn how the pieces move, the concepts of check and checkmate, and basic opening strategy. The classes require student participation, with questions and answers throughout the class. More advanced students will learn the relative values of the pieces, and review and discuss famous chess games. The class has an instructional part where a lesson is taught, followed by play between the students. At the end of the year, we schedule a match against another school, and the children take home the chess sets as gifts.

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