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Mission Statement

The mission of BHJA is to develop a deep love of learning for General and Judaic studies. We arm our students with the knowledge and skills to become lifelong learners by focusing on the growth of the whole child. Our dedicated staff provides a nurturing and caring environment which encourages all students to reach their full Hashem given potential in order to succeed as responsible, self-confident citizens with a strong connection to Judaism and the community.

BHJA strives to develop students:

  • As individuals who are respectful, resourceful, accomplished and resilient.
  • As learners who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, versatility, and an ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • As leaders who will serve as role models, acting with self-assurance, tolerance and initiative, and are able to practice and transmit Torah values to future generations.
  • As members of the community who will be able to engage in a full range of careers and contribute positively to the Jewish community, Israel, and society at large.

Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy

81 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 403-0690

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